Travel Burnout and Zagreb

It has been creeping up for the last week, the feeling of being done, ennui descending like an unwanted hitchhiker on my back. The realities of travelling with 2 ASD kiddos, solo, are catching up to me, though that isn’t the only thing causing it. It hits every trip, the feeling of being done, of just wanting to lay in bed… fuck that museum, or city or site you came to see. We almost didn’t go to Krka, because the thought that one of the kids would be sick on the bus was so overwhelming I wanted to cry. I forced myself to go, by booking the bus and then guilting myself into going because otherwise I was wasting money. It feels selfish to linger in these feelings, I’m lucky, I get to travel I shouldn’t be ungrateful. But the reality is, it is hard, I am lonely and I know I have to push through several more weeks alone with the kids before I meet up with my Mom and Dad.

It is pouring today. Our host texted me this morning to tell me that the police were warning about the wind tossing around tree branches and other objects. It gives me an excuse not to go out. There is Netflix here, the only place we have stayed with it, so I’m letting the kids binge on TV and catching up on blogging and school reporting. I feel guilty though, like I should drag them out of bed and out into the rain. There is stuff we wanted to see that we won’t now… but I’m finding it really hard to give a crap.

I’ll catch you up on where we are at now.

We left Split on a bus, that was supposed to be a train, but they swapped it out because of track work. The prospect of 6 hours on the bus with the kids and the risk of puking honestly left me feeling something akin to terror. I gave T all the anti-nauseant meds I have at my disposal, and pack plastics bags and paper towel. We score the last 5 seats of the bus and she ends up sleeping part of the journey. Other than being long, and incredibly hot because they don’t turn on the AC, it is uneventful.

We check in with our host, and pretty much spend the evening chilling out. There is netflix here, the first place that has it, and I’m taking a break. Our host txts me a list of things to do and we settle on the Technological museum and the cat cafe for the next day.

The Technological museum is T’s idea of heaven and we spend the entire time it is open (4h) exploring. We get a tour of the replica mines from the most hilarious Croatian guy who has the three of us in stitches; none of the other tourists laugh, even though he is hilarious. We also get to see a presentation on Tesla’s inventions and get to see the Tesla coil in action! T is so excited to see the lightning!

After the museum, we walk about 3.5 km to the cat cafe, where we have sparkly drinks and hang with the cats while playing cat themed boardgames and drawing cat pictures.

Today it is storming, the winds are tossing tree branches everywhere, and so we have stayed inside all day. I’m hoping I can pull myself out of this pit. We move on tomorrow and have pretty rapid agenda for the next week. We will slow down in Pula, as I have booked 6 nights in a camping village. I’m looking ahead to this and having a bit of a chill.

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  1. Robyn Shipley
    May 14

    Gosh, Sam…I am a get er done kind of gal who makes do with what she has but I can’t even fathom doing what you have bitten off! Yikes..DO NOT FEEL GUILTY about wanting some chill days. Sheesh…relaxing and recouping is part of the journey too. What you can get done with kids is not the same as adults. Give yourself a break kid~

    Vaya con Dios chica

  2. sam
    May 14

    Thanks! I’m feeling better after facetiming mom, texting my best friend and bitching in this post haha. I don’t think the weather is helping. My host tells me it is never this cold and wet at this time of year!

  3. JoAnne - jipsi tree
    May 30

    I marvel at your tenacity and adventurous spirit. Recharging is good and with the crazy go go schedule you have been keeping, downtime is good.

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