Heading To Europe and a Day in Berlin

It’s 1:30 am and all three of us are wide awake, despite spending the day wandering through 3 museums. Jet lag is really kicking our butts this time!

The trip was smooth though barfy, with T managing to throw up all over the hotel room in Vancouver before we even flew out, and Z throwing up on the plane. We survived though and had a trouble-free trip through security and two amazingly smooth flights with Iceland Air. I highly recommend flying with them as it was the best experience I’ve ever had on a plane. The kids entertained themselves with TV on the plane and were wide awake when we landed in Berlin at 4am Vancouver time.

We decided to head right to the hotel and crash for the rest of the day. Ended up sleeping all day, waking up to get some food from the Rewe market next door, and then falling back asleep until 6am Sunday morning.

Sunday was our adventure day here in Berlin and we were out the door bright and early. The U-bahn was just down the block so we made our way there to get day passes and head into the city. We dodged piles of vomit on the ground, and encountered more than one very drunk person with bottles spilling out of their pockets. The city feels edgy, harsh and angry. I wonder how much of history has left that imprint here, running like an undercurrent through the streets. Also I’m noticing a vomit theme in our trip thus far.

We spent the day visiting the Pergamon Museum, Pergamon 360 and the Neuse Museum. We will be visiting Pergamon in Turkey and thought it would be neat to tie it in with the museum here.┬áIn the 360 museum, an artist has depicted what Pergamon would have looked like at it’s zenith in a floor to ceiling 4 story 360 degree display. It will be neat to compare that to the actual site once we get there. We enjoyed the Egyptian collection in the Neuse Museum and the Middle Eastern collection in the Pergamon museum.

By the end of this, the kids were pretty bagged and Z was pretty overwhelmed so we headed back to the hotel. Early night as we have to be at the airport at 4am for our flight to Rhodes. Excuse my disjointed writing as the lack of sleep is catching up with me.


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  1. Robyn Shipley
    April 1

    Enjoy Rhodes! I loved the old town and the history as well as Lindos at the other end of the island.

  2. Irena
    April 1

    What an exciting start to a remarkable adventure!

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