Haggard at Heathrow

We are hanging out in the lovely play area at London Heathrow Airport after a smooth, but lacking in sleep 9 hour plane ride. The gravol, which we brought in hopes of knocking out the kids, did not work and so we sit here at 4am Vancouver time with no sleep between Derek and I and a total of 3 hours each for the kids. This blog post is probably somewhat incoherent as a result! We have 6 hours to kill in this airport, before an hour long flight to Belgium. By the end of today we will have been awake for something close to 30 hours! At this moment I am eternally grateful for this Placeplace style playground, fully enclosed by mesh, which we can sit outside of like zombies and somewhat watch the kids blow off steam as the entrance is staffed by an airport employee.

The kids are doing great! They are rocking this whole international travel thing as if they had been born to it. We now are seriously looking forward to bed in Brussels tonight!


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  1. Krista
    April 29

    You guys are my heros!!!!!

  2. Liz Reid
    April 29

    I hope you ALL sleep well tonight.! 😉 looking forward to hearing more about your amazing adventures to come !!

  3. Patricia
    April 30

    We are going to enjoy your journey via blog…..

  4. Aunty Nancy
    April 30

    WOW such troopers!! Looking forward to hearing all about your journey!

  5. April
    April 30

    So happy to hear the flight went well. You have been in my thoughts often. Sleep Well.

  6. JO-Ann zyla
    May 2

    You take the credit as you prepared the kids well, Sam. We have been thinking of you daily and hope to live vicariously. Love mom and dad. Great picture!

  7. Krista
    May 2

    awaiting an update!

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